N-425 Double sided Polyester tape

N-425 is a high calliper permanent tape with a polyester carrier. The adhesive is a high performance modified acrylic and the liner a two side release system. This product has good resistance to UV light, plasticisers and temperature variation. 


   Adhesive: Modified Acrylic

•   Application Temperature: 5°C to 50°C

•   Service Temperature: -30°C to 120°C

•   Classifications: FDA Regulation 175.105 for indirect food contact

•   Core Diameter: 76mm

•   Thickness: 150 μm, adhesive + carrier



N-425 is a filmic tape for demanding bonding applications, where a very high performance modified acrylic adhesive is required. The adhesive exhibits excellent levels of adhesion and tack for the shear and conforms well to uneven surfaces. The tape is most useful in panel, nameplate and decorative trim applications. 

   Swap panel

Liner Icons

   Banner construction


   Sign manufacturing

•   Profiles

•   Decorative trim

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