D/S Foam Pads/Rolls

D/S Foam Pads

D/S foam in pads/rolls is a permanent foam tape that offers the same extremely aggressive rubber-based adhesive. D/S foam pads is a thicker double sided tape than Pieces/Roll and can be used to create dimensional effects for P.O.S displays, signage and other display products.

  • Adhesive: Rubber-based permanent on both sides in stock (not recommended for direct UV exposure)
  • Type: Faom Tape
  • Application Temperature: 18°C to 37°C
  • Service Temperature: -28°C to 65°C
  • Holding Power: 1 lb. per 1 sq. in. of tape
ThickTwin Pad WhiteTwinStick KissCutRoll White


   Temporary, semi-permanent and permanent displays


   End caps


   Bonding to textured surfaces

Availible in rolls, pads

Please contact our sales departament for the dimensions and additional information.

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